The Gestation Coach

Written By Alleah Erica Clarke

This book helps to create a nurturing profession for Gestation enthusiast that wish to improve birth outcomes and aid expectants to maximise their gestational experience. 



About the Author

Creator. Gestation and Partners Coach. Chef. Mom. Yogini. Philanthropist. Photographer. Teacher. Virtual Community Assembler.

Alleah Erica Clarke is an commited lifelong student of gestational studies and physiology, extensively studying all things related to perinatal care. With deep passions for learning, creating, and educating, Alleah Erica recognised a undervalued space in the gestational journey of an Expectant. As as a yoga and breathwork teacher, childbirth educator, Thai Bodywork practitioner, gestational and birthing coach,  she observed the great focus on the birth experience and a greater need for more gestation guidance.

Finding joy in aiding students and clients to connect to their inner selves, their intuition, and their very individualised journeys, she utilises her education, knowledge, and talents to assist and coach Expectants and their partners to have healthier, active, and supported pregnancies, stronger bodies and journeys, and greater bonds. Alleah Erica’s specialty is maximising the time afforded to an Expectant during gestation. Putting all of her experiences, findings, practices, and knowledge together, she created her first book, The Gestation Coach, to help other birth professionals and gestation enthusiasts make lasting impacts on the journey to the birth space.  

Alleah Erica is a native New Yorker, a mother of a vibrantly, spirited soul, and a student of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. When she’s not writing, studying, or playing with her little, you can find her whipping up an amazingly delicious and nutritious meal or curled up reading literary fiction.

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What is 'The Gestation Coach' about?

The Gestation Coach delves into an [w]holism Expectant-centric business model that creates an sustainable and thriving offering from the moment of conception. Working with a myriad of tools to help guide, coach, and support an Expectant throughout the entire gestational journey. 

Learn fundamental key approaches to build relationships and foster accountability practices that will better ready any Expectant for the ever-changing Prenatal journey. Implement successful tools for a Gestation centred business that creates income streams and allows you the freedoms to make your own schedule as a Gestation Coach. 

This book will open your mind to the many possibilities to improve birth experiences and maximise the gestation period from day one. 

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